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AIJA condemns murder of Mina Mangal

14 May, 2019

Mina Mangal, a former correspondent and advisor to the Cultural Commission of the House of Representatives in Kabul, was murdered.

Mina Mangal, a former correspondent, poet and author, and now  consultant at the House Cultural Commission, at 7:20 am on May 21, went to his office with his father, located next to his home, the second road, Karte Now Eighth district of Kabul city was killed and his father was seriously injured.

The family of the murdered husband of Mina had pretended to be murdered and the police tried to track down the perpetrators of murder in different places, but failed to arrest them. The murdered mother says her daughter was kidnapped two years ago, they went to the Attorney General’s Office, but they did not conceal the specific cases of kidnapping and did not handle it, and today those who had been abducted killed him.

Afghanistan Independent Journalists Association (AIJA) condemns the assassination of Mina, Killing him is a big damage to the media, The murder of Mina has been a major disaster for the family of the press, Calls on the Attorney General’s Office to scrutinize the case thoroughly and make the perpetrators of the murder subject to law.

Mina Mangal has been working for various media in Shamshad, Lamer, and Ariana for ten years and recently served as adviser to the Parliament’s Cultural Commission.

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