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AIJA welcomes dropping amendment of Afghan media law

16 Jul, 2020

A joint committee of Afghan media and government vetoed amendment of media law proposed by the government. Initially, the government sent an amendment of media law to the Afghan Parliament for approval.

Shortly after the submission of the amendment to the parliament, Afghan media outlets and pro-freedom of speech groups protested the amendment. The government and media outlets formed a committee to review the amendment. The committee vetoed the amendment.

Afghanistan Independent Journalists Association welcomes the veto. The current media law is a comprehensive law that does not need serious amendment. For a better law, the parties must move accordingly.

In an open letter to President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan, a number of media outlets and institutions supporting journalists had protested the amendment. The amendment attempted to restrict the media outlets, particularly investigative reports. Had the amendment been approved by the Parliament, security agencies could have accessed the sources of media reports.

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