Digital Campaign Skills Training: Dhaka, Bangladesh

26 Nov, 2015

The Bangladesh in-country training on the Digital Campaign Skills was delivered on November 24 and 25, 2015 at the Press Institute of Bangladesh, locally hosted by the BMSF.

The participants – 17 women and 7 men – learned about the campaigning and using digital platforms in the campaigning and advocacy works.The four issues that they voted as the most important for them were: 1. wage board 2. Justice for journalists, 3. job security and 4. gender equality.

Dr Imran H Sarker, a blogger and one of the leaders of popular Shahbag Movement, talked to the participants about their use of social media for activism and campaigning. Manjur Bulbul, the chairman of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists and a well-respected journalist was the chief guest of the concluding ceremony.