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Free Media Movement Condemns Police Attack on Journalist Nadarajah Kugarajah

20 Feb, 2019

The Free Media Movement, while strongly condemning the police attack on journalist Nadarajah Kugarajah, urges all relevant authorities to immediately investigate the incident and to mete out justice.

Nadarajah Kugarajah, a journalist from Tamil television channel ‘Dan TV’ has been admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital after being attacked and wounded by the police.

This had taken place at around 2.30 pm on February 19 at Kokuvil East, while Kugarajah was filming an incident for his reportage. He had been threatened not to film the incident and attacked by the Acting Officer-in-Charge of Kopay police station, Kugarajah stated.

In a situation where journalists in the North and South had not got justice for rights violations, Free Media Movement views such repressive incident as a major obstacle to journalists’ freedom of speech and freedom of expression and condemns such threats.

Therefore, the Free Media Movement urges all parties concerned to take immediate action to investigate and to mete out justice to the affected journalist.

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