Gender Networking Conference: Kathmandu, Nepal

17 Jul, 2014

The IFJ and the SAMSN hosted the second South Asia Gender Networking Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, on July 17.

The one-day meeting was aimed at moving forward from identifying the issues to bringing “action” for women in media in South Asia.

The meeting formulated a plan for action for the region – including the draft of a regional gender campaign for the SAMSN network and the launch of a South Asia regional research project, supported by UNESCO.

A special session on gender at the SAMSN meeting led to the endorsement of gender campaign as one of the key focus areas in the region.

Participants from South Asia presented case studies and discussed strategies that would help bring meaningful change to women’s representation and experience working in the media and in unions. The conference was part of IFJ’s continued work to support women in journalism in South Asia and overcome gender issues.

The conference was a part of the IFJ project on gender quality, safety and media rights supported by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

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