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India : Press Statement

16 Apr, 2020

The National Union of Journalists (India) NUJ(I)  has expressed deep anguish and serious concern over developments in  Indian media that include suspension of publications, salary cuts and summery dismissals of working  journalists in the wake of COVID 19 pandemic. In a statement  NUJ ( I) has apprehended that  the crisis is likely to be more critical in the coming days and the number of persons loosing job in media sector will be much more high.

According to Ras Bihari President NUJ(I) and Prasanna Mohanty Secretary General journalists employed in different media houses have started suffering due to unfair practice of the management. Inspite of appeal from the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  some leading papers  have asked their staff to receive reduced salary. Even One leading  English Daily has terminated it’s entire Sunday Magazine team and  a particular news channel has terminated 16 English Digital Employees.

According to NUJ(I)  many newspapers and tv channels have  prepared list of reporters, cameramen and producers who will be removed due to  heavy losses . A national news agency has released only 60 percent pay to the employees. Many organisations are planning to merge their different establishment into one.  NUJ (I) has urged the media houses to think collectively about various aspects of the crisis and find ways to surmount the difficult phase with minimal hardship to the workforce including working journalists. The NUJ(I) has suggested that the media houses should  approach the Government for any possible succour during such hard time.


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