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NUJ India Demands Impartial Investigation into Alleged Chinese Funding Website Raid

03 Oct, 2023
The case against the website and people surrounded by allegations of Chinese funding is serious; disclosure of the truth is necessary.The National Union of Journalists (India) has demanded an impartial investigation into the raid on a website surrounded by allegations of Chinese funding and people associated with it. NUJI, affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists, believes that promoting Chinese propaganda in the country with the help of Chinese funding is a serious matter.
The New York Times report revealed that Newsclick, owned by American billionaire novelist Roy Singham, was funded by China. It was alleged that Singham was spreading the Chinese agenda in various countries, including India. According to the Enforcement Directorate, fake foreign funds worth Rs 38.05 crore were taken in three years. This money was given to associates of Gautam Navlakha, Teesta Setalvad, and some journalists.
The case against Newsclick and those associated with it is serious as this could be a threat to India’s security and sovereignty. It is important to remember that a journalist had already been found guilty of spying for China of which the case was strongly contested. This only goes to show that Chinese funding can be detrimental to India and its citizens and thus, such cases must be investigated thoroughly.
NUJI further believes that with the help of Chinese funding, propaganda is being spread in the country which must be stopped at all costs. It is also pertinent to note that several sections of the UAPA have been installed against those involved in this case. These include Section 16 related to terrorist matters, Section 17 raising funding for terrorist activities, Section 18 punishment for conspiracy, and Section 22C punishment for crimes committed by companies.
So far, only allegations have been made against Newsclick but an investigation needs to be conducted in order to uncover the truth. It is important for all parties involved to cooperate so that the investigation can be conducted smoothly and efficiently. The NUJI has rightly called for an impartial investigation into this matter so that justice can be served and the truth uncovered.
Chinese funding has become a serious threat to India as it can be used for anti-India propaganda and activities against the country’s security. Thus, it is important for all citizens to remain vigilant and aware so that such cases can be curbed in time. All allegations must be taken seriously and investigated without fear or favour in order to serve justice and protect India’s sovereignty.

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