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NUJ (India) hails SC verdict on equal pay for equal work

27 Oct, 2016

The National Union of Journalists (India), NUJ (I), hails the Hon’ble SC verdict on equal pay for equal work as a historic one.

The court has unequivocally rejected arguments of employers for lower pay to contract, temporary workers and slammed the claim that the workers are voluntarily accepting lower pay.

The newspaper industry is also full of temporary and contract workers who are paid far below what the Majithia wage board that is the legal wage standard as reiterated by the apex court on 7 Feb 2014. The court has yesterday said that “anyone compelled to work at lower wages does not do so voluntarily”.

So no more of such pleas of “voluntarily working at lower wages” that some newspapers are putting forward. We will now call for Majithia recommendations to be implemented by all newspaper establishments aggressively.”

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