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NUJ(I) condemns lathicharge on journalists

24 Nov, 2015
The National Union of Journalists (India) has condemned the lathicharge on journlaists in Agra, UP. The incident occured at police line in the city where Union Minister for HRD Shri Ramshankar Katheria, leading a dharna with BJP MLA’s and local traders. A large number of journlaists was gathered to cover dharna. At the same time police disbursed the demonstrators in the presence of in the presence of  IG Zone. Suddenly they started lathicharge on journalists as well.
The national president of NUJ(I) Ras Bihari said it is very sameful that in the presence of IG Zone journalists were beaten and lathicharged. He said around 10 journalists of TV and Print Media were injured and some are very serious. He demanded strong action against the IG Zone and asked the state government to compensate the scribes. NUJ(I) have sent a complaint to Union Home Minister and Governor of UP in this regard.
Ratan Dixit, Secretary General, NUJ(I) said that it is very unfortunate that in the state of UP the incidents of attack on media by the Police department is on rise. He demanded an enquiry from central government in this matter. He said from last one decade NUJ(I) has raised its voice to constitute a journalists protection act so that these type of incident could be checked. He informed that a massive demonstration is being organised by NUJ(I) on december, 7 at Parliament.

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