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Opposition parties boycott journalists, injury on democracy

14 Sep, 2023
National Union of Journalists (India) has strong objected to the condemnable announcement of boycott of journalists by 26 parties involved in opposition coalition. NUJI President Ras Bihari affiliated with International Federation of Journalists
Ras Bihari said that the move taken by opposition parties is the darkest chapter of suppression over media in India’s democratic history.
NUJI President Ras Bihari said that the parties involved in the opposition alliance have also politicized the media. This is all unfair and unacceptable. This also shows the huge lack of democratic values in these parties. Soon the NUJI will be outlining the movement by strategizing against boycott of journalists in this way with a big meeting with other journalists.
NUJI believes 26 parties involved in opposition coalition have embarrassed India’s great democracy by boycotting journalists. Also, these parties have conspired to undermine the fourth pillar of democracy media. It appears that they are running away from meaningful debates in TV debates. At the same time it seems that the opposition parties want to drive the media out of their own terms.

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