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PFUJ – New law punishes ‘contempt’ in Pakistan

20 May, 2023

Lahore. Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) President GM Jamali and Secretary General Rana Muhammad Azeem have expressed their reservations on the contempt of parliament bill passed by the parliament and said that by using this bill, their opponents and especially it is likely to be used against journalists which is unacceptable. The PFUJ leadership has said that there are already laws in the constitution regarding insulting the parliament. Earlier, considering the lack of interest of the bureaucracy in the parliament, there were discussions to bring a new bill, but now phrase any person is reprimandable has been added which is highly unacceptable as it will not only target opponents but can be used against easy target, the journalists. And there are fears that criticism to government policies, which is a democratic right, will be criminalized. It will further threaten the freedom of the press. The PFUJ leadership has demanded that this bill be interpreted and the government should ensure that it is not used against journalists otherwise the entire journalist community will be forced to protest against the bill to protect their rights.


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