IFJ End Impunity Campaign 2020

On the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists the IFJ is launching a global campaign targeting those who order crimes against journalists and but go unpunished and demanding governments take urgent steps to put an end to impunity and protect press freedom.

In the past decade 998 journalists have been killed, IFJ reports show, 30 so far in 2020, most of them local journalists. Since 1990, 2644 journalists lost their lives.

These horrifying figures of murders of journalists are concrete evidence of the huge efforts powerful people around the world are doing to hide the truth and terrorise those who dare to reveal it.

These killings not only end the life of the journalists; they also fatally undermine the fundamental right to be informed and to know the truth. 2644 killed journalists are thousands of stories that have remained untold, and when this happens, democracy is seriously affected.

This year, the IFJ is putting an emphasis on 5 countries where the level of impunity remains significantly high and threatens media freedom: YemenRussiaMexicoSomalia and India.

The 5 countries are being profiled in the following timeline:

2- 5 November: Russia

6-10 November: Mexico

11- 15 November: Yemen

16-19 November: India

20- 23 November: Somalia

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