What you can do to support journalists in Kashmir

The IFJ-SAMSN campaign “POSTCARDS FROM KASHMIR” will draw the world’s attention to the personal stories of journalists impacted by shutdowns and raise awareness on internet controls as an abuse of human rights. It also underscores the critical need for high-speed communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, we are:

  • Calling on the Indian government to cease the communication controls that are continuing to limit the capabilities of journalists reporting in Kashmir, specifically the blocking of 4G mobile internet.
  • Sharing the inside story and experiences of journalists in Kashmir and the greater impact on the region’s media sector as it endured the world’s longest internet shutdown in a democratic country.
  • Building regional and global solidarity against internet shutdowns as a freedom of expression issue

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What you can do:

  1. Join our social media campaign by sharing the stories and experience of journalists and media houses during the world’s longest internet shutdown. Social media campaign resources will be shared below following publication.
  2. Build awareness on the issues in Kashmir using #KeepItOn #JournalismMatters
  3. Post advocacy solidarity messages – regarding internet shutdown and need for journalism during COVID-19. The message can be from eminent personalities, freedom fighters, internet right activists, media right activists, media educator, freedom of expression activists among others from different parts of the world.
  4. Issue a statement to India’s government against the shutdown.
  5. Use the campaign banner on advocacy and on your email and social media with links to the campaign page: https://samsn.ifj.org/campaign/kashmir-internet-shutdown/

Social Media Resources to share